September 20, 2018

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

is a naturally occurring glycoprotein hormone in women. HCG maintains pregnancy and provides nutrients to the fetus by releasing the mother’s stored fat.


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HCG is a weight reduction program. It releases fat stores of about 2000 calories per day into your bloodstream allowing for you to stay on a very low calorie diet without experiencing hunger, fatigue or weakness and lose weight. It reshapes the body contour especially the abdomen, buttocks and hips. It does not break-down muscle so there is virtually little to no sagging skin except in cases of morbid obesity.


Our diet protocol utilizes Dr. Simeon’s protocol for weight loss which has gained popularity through Kevin Trudeau’s book “The Weight Loss Cure”. The diet is very healthy with low fat and low sugar content and a controlled glycemic index.

HCG can be used safely by women and men. HCG has been safely used for years to treat infertility.


Our staff will provide education and support to help you attain your weight loss goals. You will receive HCG from an American Pharmaceutical company and be guaranteed that you are getting the correct potency dosages and supplies legally.


  • You will eat real food, NO liquid diets, NO hunger or weakness
  • You will receive diet instructions and program counseling


People who are overweight have difficulty dealing with constant hunger, food cravings and uncontrollable urges to eat when not hungry. Low metabolism and high amounts of stored fat add to the problem. The HCG protocol has proven to be virtually 100% successful in correcting these conditions when followed appropriately.


A person who needs to lose 15 pounds would require 28 days of HCG treatments with 28 daily injections. Normally a 500 calorie daily diet would be impossible to follow but with HCG, it works! The Dr. Simeons treatment regimen with HCG suppresses feelings of hunger and allows you to feel satisfied on the 500 calorie daily diet. Based on a study of 500 records from 2010, the average weightloss for 28 days is 20.7 pounds.

Download “Pounds and Inches” by Dr. Simeon

You can take a maximum treatment of 9 weeks for good results but must wait 3-4 weeks before starting another set of treatments. Otherwise the body builds up immunity to the medication. HCG is not intended for use for persons under the age of puberty.


There are no weightloss programs with guarantees. Obesity is a serious problem and everyone should expect reasonable results. It is important to understand that we are here to work with your primary care or family physician. We will manage your weightloss. Your physician will need to manage any pre-existing or identified medical conditions you have. We are not diagnosing or treating medical conditions only managing your weightloss program with HCG. This is why we require detailed blood work and testing and a complete medical history and exams prior to using HCG as a weightloss product. Data is provided by past HCG patients and your success story will be dependent upon your compliance and medical conditions.